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Yes, we’re open 7 days a week during Pumpkins & More Festival:  11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Baldwin Farms, of Richmond, KY is a family-run, working farm with four main production seasons.

Come Join the Fun!

Everyone has a favorite season at the farm.  We hope you’ll tell us about yours when you visit.

We also hope you will spend a moment in thankful reflection of the rich bounty we receive from the earth and from our families and friends.

Please check our events schedule to see our opening dates and times. 

See you soon!

Landscape Trees

Early spring is the time we plant and sell a variety of landscape trees. The fields are prepared for future crops, including the hay which is normally cut in June.

Summer Produce

Celebrate the harvest! Search for your favorite pumpkins and other fall produce at our festival. Enjoy a family day full of memories. Schedule your parties and events.

Pumpkins & More

Celebrate the harvest! Search for your favorite pumpkins and other fall produce at our festival. Enjoy a family day full of memories. Schedule your parties and events.

Live Christmas Trees

It’s a “family tradition.” Central Kentucky friends cut-their-own live trees, buy fresh greenery and then warm up around the open fire, sip hot chocolate & swap stories.

News & Announcements

Introducing Butterkin Pumpkins

A new variety of pumpkin that is the perfect nutritious blend of sweet & buttery taste promising you the butter cream of the crop when it comes to flavor. Technically, the Butterkin is a cross between a pumpkin & a Butternut squash.

How do you cook fresh pumpkin?

Girl Scout Scarecrow Competition

Madison County is home to over 500 Girl Scouts representing over 50 troops. The scarecrows will be colorful and entertaining so we encourage you to support the troops and explore the farm during the event. Bring a picnic! Join the fun!

The Rolling Bistro Great Food by M&D

Family days at the farm bring huge appetites. You get hungry...the kids get hungry… Now you can have a tasty, home-cooked variety of good food from (M & D Catering). The Rolling Bistro is scheduled to be at the farm on selected days.

Workshops by Artfully Yours

Stefanie Ashley brings her company, Artfully Yours, to kick off Pumpkin Season with “Paint-Your-Own-Pumpkin” or canvas events. An artistic family-fun event to share or book a private party! Join In! Event 1— Saturday, Sept. 26, Noon - 4:00 Event 2— Saturday Oct. 10, 11:00 - 7:00

Enjoy the Experience of a Real Country Road

During pumpkin season when traffic is heaviest, we use “road monitors” to help facilitate safe entries and exits. You’ll notice passing areas where you can pull over if you should meet another vehicle when road monitors are not on duty. We urge you to exit the farm before the hour of closing so everyone is down the road by dark.

We Participate in GleanKy

GleanKy is a non-profit organization whose founders recognized that a huge portion of fresh fruits and vegetables go to waste or get plowed under while an equally huge portion of Americans go hungry. They are working to provide a connection between the food and the hungry.

Chamber of Commerce Corn Fest

Saturday, Aug. 22, 2015 was a busy day at Baldwin Farms when we co-hosted a “Corn Fest” with the Richmond Chamber of Commerce attended by over 200 of the Chamber’s membership and guests.

Message from Margery Website Woes

Our goal is to revitalize our website in order to serve you better. A few “rainy days” have delayed our progress.Thank you for your patience with any inconvenience the construction has caused.



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